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SongPods! Films! CDs! TV!

Thanks BLACK HORSE DREAMER for the pic of your boy Tony and 'his' PODS!

SONGPOD FILM DEBUT? “Made in Heaven” starring Timothy Hutton, Kelly McGillis – Beginning in the 1980’s, on a trek through every state and nearly every province in North America, the inventor of SongPods® was invited to share the hand-held musical wonders with people from all walks of life - including those in the entertainment industry in Southern California. Two years later the hit movie “MADE IN HEAVEN” was released – “Pod-Lovers” across the country gasped in delight, point...

“GLOBAL SPIRIT – THE SHAMAN, THE SPIRIT HEALER AND THE EARTH” SongPods® are used in Mayan Elder’s ceremonial Greeting-Blessing stating, “THIS IS MEDICINE FROM THE STARS." Host responds that SongPods sound, “…VERY BEAUTIFUL AND HAUNTING TOO.” Everyone uses their SongPods differently and no two SongPods sound identical– some shake them in circles, others place one over the heart and clack the second Pod onto it, still other Sound Healers vibrate them up and down the entire body…there is no wrong way to “play a ‘Pod” and new ways are yet to be discovered!!!

Traditional Spiritual Healer Flordemayo released an AUDIO CD ENTITLED 'GUIDED MEDITATION.' Curiously missing from the credits is the set of SongPods Flordemayo uses throughout her entire vocal guided
meditation. The remainder of the CD is ocean waves with some flute music ending in a lovely humming closure piece followed by a SongPods

The jacket credits: “Photo image by Beverly Ramsey-Pierce Falcon Woman. Cover design by Lisa Chang. Flordemayo CD recorded with instrumental accompaniment by Tony Redhouse, Navajo Sound Healer and Recording Artist. Ocean sounds recorded during full moon cycle,November 2008 Santa Cruz, California. Sound recording, mixing and engineering by Indy award winning producer-engineer Richard Karst. Compilation and technical direction by Gabriel Russo. Production & distribution by Samadhi Life.”
SONGPODS® in BOOKS, on STAGE & in the AFTER-LIFE – Among our favorite Authors (favorite Beings!) is the late and beloved Kay Gardner; dear Friend, Mentor and Ally to SongPods’ Inventor. Kay Gardner’s credits span “Musician, Composer, Sound Healer, Recording Artist, International Teacher, and Conductor.” Beginning in 1984 Kay annually urged her shy “SongPod’ner” onto the stage, often to audiences of 10,000 - SongPods in hand! Kay Gardner is considered the ForeMother of Music in Healing. Her published works include Music as Medicine: The Art & Science of Healing With Sound (9-hour lecture series on tape; Sounds True) Sounding the Inner Landscape: Music as Medicine (1990) ( the out of print book - available on Amazon). Her long list of recorded gifts to us all include Chamber Works, Orchestral Works, Orotorio& Opera, Choral Works, Solo Instrumental and Solo Vocal Works.
Upon her Return-to-the-Source in 2002, the Inventor of SongPods was honored to place within a private series of SongPods-of-Solace a soft whisper of Kay’s earthly ashes, to be treasured by Generations of her Family.

(SongPods of Solace may be specially requested of the SongPod-Maker as time and Spirit allow.)
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