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SongPods of Solace

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A lasting instant heirloom! A whisper of ashes or a whisker of a kitten,Lock of a beloved dogs fur,tiny feather; Respectfully hand-welded forever inside one-of-a-kind, unbreakable, gently-played musical instruments. Simplicity With Significance songpods of Solace provide peace,solace,comfort,and a re-connection with enduring love. Songpods of solace are the perfect memorial container for cremation ashes or other keepsakes forever encased in these hand-welded musical treasures custom made for you. www.songpods.com All proceeds goes to wildlife rescue and rehab. Each pod of solace is sealed with a genuine Swarovski(TM) crystal Once your special enclosure is placed inside your custom made pod. Contact us for for the shipping instructions for sending us what you want enclosed in your songpod of solace Email: songpods@live.com