Song Pods - The Musical Rainbow Held in your hand
The Legend; Lost and Found

If it were another time and place, She would have been a gentle explorer into uncharted lands and sacred places - regions no human being had dared tread before her; at least, no mortal traces left behind to forewarn her ...

She would have knelt in awe at snow-capped splendor, purple edges defining lines between earth and sky. And with her lips she would have kissed clean rushing waters pouring out of ancient springs. Emerging into the fresh green meadow, for the first human-time, to witness bison calves in birth, She would have cried. Climbing the rock-strewn ledge where no moccasined feet had ever teetered, She would have been the first to spy the hatching eaglets looking like the little white clouds above which they would soon fly...and it would all have been so new and true and real with feelings ... to understand where She was and why, and to be the first to know ...that must have been her Great-great Grandmother’s experience.

But here and now is where She-Who-Catches-the-Rainbows finds herself - on this end of a worn-out millennium, with one foot in the next - the Last of her Lineage, and all too soon, it will be all over. Forever.

Yes, eaglets will continue to hatch, and bison will calve in the spring... in captivity, with tags on bovine ears or bands above raptor talons, inoculations and bureaucracy-in-triplicate awaiting their fate ... their whole lives lived on some place declared “property” of some segment of our own species. It is not the same- meeting Creation, as a part of it, is vastly different from meeting Creation as its conqueror, exploiter, or real estate agent.

She had been blessed to travel the Turtle Island long before her own species began keeping tally of the other species’ walk into extinction, 2 by 2, every hour. Someday, in her own way, she would be joining them - no little moccasined feet would dance around her skirts, no lullabies bequeathed to her would ever be sung... and so, her bittersweet journey around the Turtle takes a solemn turn.

As she moves through the parks and cities, the call of her Grandmothers pulls her through the layers of time. There, she can experience all the transformations of each power place - from its origin - when elementals danced essence into matter, to their discovery - by plants and animals who flourished there, onto aboriginal connection with the place and its power source. All too quickly, She is brought back into the present, where others have also been drawn to the same power places and left their mortal mark in vain attempts at fame - flags of claim, graffiti strewn names, litter of shame ...

Her journey through the layers of time imbues her every sense with experiences unique to each place.

And here She stands in the presence of one of the most potently powerful sites She has ever been - not just for the importance to the people, the Haudenosaunee, but for the raw power this feminine spirit-filled wonder exudes, even now, perpetuates, despite all man-made attempts to contain, restrain and control her.

She has paused on the Bridge of Rainbows, others ahead of her, others behind. “What’s your dream, your illusion?” She muses, as she moves between the two worlds connected in an overlay on top of hers. She then walks to face the Turtle in the eye - the mythic Mother of us all - living legend of this continent. A grey-streaked tear stains a trail down the face of once clear Vision. A matching tear slides from her own smog-seared eyes. The rising sunlight seeks her damp cheeks through the mist. She leaves the sleeping Song-Pod, laying on the ground once walked by other Turtle Dreamers. It now joins the Dream. Snug under the arm of our Grandmother, the Song-Pod is protected by the safe shadows from those who do not see. She leaves it there for another Soul-Explorer to discover. Perhaps, it is You. And She chants inside herself her journey through the time of this place:

When standing in her Mist / my body quakes / I am her Drum /

Each warm moist breath from me mingles with her cool spray and

Dances like Spirits before me / I can’t help but sing to her! /

Song of Gratitude / Homage / Honor of her magnificence / her

endurance / her survival /

Time unravels

I feel my old canoe / the resistance to the paddle / the first Iroquois Woman to hear her roar and vibrate to her passion / I fall to the lull of her pull /


quickly-drawn /

How I want to turn around / if only to go home and tell the

others / yet, I am but a Singing Leaf / carried on her currents /

and soon I will be swallowed /

And soon I will dissolve into her / Swirling / Swirling /

I become Her / and then

I rise again / in Her mystery / as Her mist

Back again to the present, safely under her Grandmother’s gaze, She-Who-Catches-the-Rainbows holds the other end of the Rainbow in her hand; no pot of gold, but a pod of old, of ancient memory wrapped in fired metal. She gently shakes its secrets awake and lets their song travel to its twin, awaiting new hands to hold the Dream.

She looks around and sees all the ways other humans have “paid their respects” to this mighty feminine force - gewgaw stands and kitschy-shops, Hong-Kong gadgets and a parade of souvenirs for tourists to take home a part of her, a piece of her beauty and power, rendered in a plastic miniature. She, too, wants to remember her - to take her home, to capture a part of the beauty and power, to hold onto this feeling, this connection with something so hugely inescapably real. And while she lives up to the stereotype that Indians like trinkets, no plastic waterglobe capturing a three-inch replica of this majesty will ever convey this place’s power, nor exquisiteness. It poorly symbolizes both; contained in styrene, restricted, captured, two-dimensional, assembled in another country by hands which have never quaked at her rumble; filled with water her river has never rushed. It is her in-your-face rawness which demands to be remembered - and the only way this last daughter has ever found to capture such power and beauty - is to expand her own sense of self to include it!

400 miles away / I close my eyes right now /

and smell her aliveness /

earth churned / rock worn / edge of the world/

I become her Drum again / I feel her wet kisses lick me /

I am her as She is me / WHOOOSSHHHH

If She lived in another time, She would have been an adventurer, a respectful explorer into uncharted, untamed places ... but there are none left ... some human being has claimed for himself every place on earth ... the only place left to go is in ... and there she becomes that uncharted wildness, that untamed place no man owns. The Last Granddaughter of her dying lineage, She will carry the crystal dreaming Song-Pods to those long-ago wild-free places that once welcomed the soft moccasins of the Ancestors. And there, in the mist, where their secret freedoms mingle, She will say good-bye, for them all.

The Rules were simple:
"After reading this tale, find the Turtle's Tail-
For the way it points, points the way -
And at the root of it all, stands a tree very tall -
And the Earth has something to say..."

The First Pod was hidden, in the gaping hole under the roots of a tree just behind the then-closed Turtle Museum at Niagara Falls. (The building was designed in the shape of the Turtle, with the front doors at its mouth, and a tail in the rear!) Soon thereafter, a dancing wind uprooted the much beloved Tree. A Circle of People who loved that Tree over the years, gathered around its now prone torso for one last farewell. It was then one journeyed forth, and like the Original Sky Woman, who peered into hole made by the Sky World's uprooted Tree, she reached down into the hole....and discovered this era's "Seeds of Peace" - the Iroquois Crystals contained in a SongPod!
Good Job, Earth-Walker!

Stay tuned for upcoming Treasure Hunt and Tales...who knows...there may already be a hidden Pod on YOUR horizon... in fact, I'd bet on it!

The Haudenosaunee Turtle - gazes over the Falls of Niagara - a sentinel in silent, somber reminder of Past, Present, Future...
Here is where the First Pod was hidden...and found!

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