Song Pods - The Musical Rainbow Held in your hand
Where to Get 'Em

Get SongPods directly from their Inventor and the ONLY person in the world who knows all their Secrets! For a limited time only the creator of SongPods is offering to make and ship YOUR SONGPODS “just for you!” The BONUS: Be in the upcoming BOOK about SongPods!

Click here for ordering and book information.

SongPods™ are found on every continent. Finding a Pod Peddler near you may become a Treasure Hunt in itself!

(Contact us – we’ll make it easier for you!)

SongPods™ are custom made for our exclusive SongPod Peddlers. They are not mass-produced.

Each SongPod requires several hours; in intense welding and assemblage inside each Pod, as well as an 11 step exterior finishing process.

SongPods come with a “3 Lifetime Guarantee” to never break! (You’ll need to leave them to someone in your Will -because they will be around that long!)

Your Bliss is Guaranteed!

If you would like to connect with the SongPod Peddler nearest you, please email us at with “SongPods” in the subject line.