Song Pods - The Musical Rainbow Held in your hand


“I am interested in purchasing SongPods. I have experienced them several times at my facials, they are wonderful. I am an international yoga teacher, and would love to share them with my students around the world….”
T.M. California

“At a workshop the presenter referred me to your website. She had with her a set of your SongPods and I felt an immediate quickening just holding them. I would very much be interested in purchasing a set and to compliment you on your amazing work. Not just in your creation of the pods but the website ( and range of available products is fabulous. I’m always elated to meet/see/find other women who are spiritual and dedicated to bringing earth’s medicine to the world…”
R.B. New York

“The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers touched my soul. Your SongPods continue that rich blessing – my gratitude to you all!”
S.N. Italy

“I need more! My clients ran away with them as I unpacked the box!”
I.B. Switzerland

“My wife wanted ‘magic & romance’ for her birthday – I gave her SongPods – same thing!”
F. D. France
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SongPods for the Soul

SongPod Lovers – an Invitation to be included in this long-awaited (as in 27 years) NEW BOOK! 

Tell us YOUR SongPod experiences, how you use them, where you discovered them…and be listed in the NEW BOOK – SongPods for the Soul!

Whether you are a Professional using SongPods in your Practice or a person who just enjoys the Bliss-buzz SongPods guarantee -there’s room for YOU in our NEW BOOK!

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Professionals who use SongPods in their work include:

  • Members of the American Music Therapy Association
  • Members of the American Massage Therapy Association
  • Members of the Clergy, especially Hospital Chaplains, Pastors and Counselors
  • Medical Healthcare Professionals  including:  M.D.s, Chiropractors, Osteopathic, Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Pediatricians, Critical Care Units, Burn Units, Sound Therapists, Autism Support Groups, Alzheimer Support Groups, Midwives, Hospice Care-Givers, Reiki & Other Energy Workers
  • Spas and Retreat Centers….
  • Animal Therapy Practitioners…
  • Social Workers, Special Needs Teachers, Music Teachers, Day-Care Staff…
  • Talking Circles, Meeting Planners, Social Organizations…(“SongPods make a great
  • ‘Pass-the-talking-stick’ alternative while raising the positive energy of all the      participants…”)
  • Ceremonialists, International Emissaries of Peace…
  • Wedding & Special Events Planners…..
  • Babysitters & Nannies
  • Members of the National and International Funeral Directors Associations (SongPods are used as vessels for Loved Ones’ cremated remains, including Pets)
  • Professional Recording Artists, Musicians and Performers…
  • Where do YOU fit in? Add YOUR own Category if it isn’t already here!
(To our knowledge no Professional nor Organization promotes SongPods as a medical device! No one affiliated with SongPods, its Inventor, its Trademark Owner, this website, nor any SongPod  Seller makes any medical claims about SongPods or their use. The aforementioned is a partial list of those many professions in which SongPods have been used in a professional capacity at the discretion of the practitioner. Awesome, huh!)

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 “SongPods are musical Pebbles of Peace – We are their Ripples – Let’s make Waves!”

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  1. Stories of Transformation – also including Dr. Wayne Dyer and Anthony (Tony) Robbins
  2. Menopause with Science & Soul – including Dr. Judith Boice, Vicki Noble author and co-creator of the MotherPeace Deck, Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Women who run with the Wolves) and other distinguished Women Authors
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