Song Pods - The Musical Rainbow Held in your hand
about SONG-PODS!

"I left a pair of SONG-PODS with a nurse in Mother Theresa’s Clinic in India - SONG-PODS need NO translators."

A young blind woman smiled as she turned a SONG-POD over and over in her hand, remembering one of her last sights in childhood- “They make music ... as though kaleidoscopes were singing!”

Critical-care Units in Pediatric Hospitals are remarking that even very ill and despondent babies are responding to the pleasurable sensations caused by SONG-PODS!

"I was on a Walk-About in Australia, and my Aboriginal Guide wanted to take them home ... so now I need another set for myself!"

Babies in their Mother’s womb respond to the SONG-PODS’ serenade, and months later, when teething or experiencing one of life’s many discomforts, seem to reconnect with the soothing sounds, recalled from in-utero memory.

Not surprisingly, SONG-PODS have popped up on more than one recording artist’s CD’s and DVD's!

Autistic children have often “come out” to meet a SONG-POD halfway! They elicit responses and recognition repeatedly!

Alzheimer patients have found solace and comfort with holding and playing their own SONG-PODS, as their Care-givers use them to help their Loved One focus.

Music Therapists are inventing numerous ways of incorporating these 'crystal charged' singing orbs into Healing work, both one-on-one and in their seminars and workshops.

"I use SONG-PODS with my massage clients, as a tranquil conclusion to a session and an energetic seague back into their own environment... sometimes I have to pry them out of a client’s hands ... no one wants to set them down!"

Jungian Therapists were inviting clients to "clack away" having witnessed how nearly impossible it is to resist one’s own Inner Bliss that wants to surface and dance to the SONG-PODS’ tune!

Lovers and Others gift SONG-PODS to women recovering from the intrusive trauma of reproductive surgeries, reclaiming their strength and symbolizing it with "crystal-filled SONG-POD wombs."

Women walking through the gates of Life Change often gift themselves with a SONG-POD as a way of honoring their past, their present, and their transitions into Wisdom.

SONG-PODS are now on all 7 continents! Their myriad and unique gifts transcend the synthetic barriers created in our minds, by reminding our joyful spirits to "Come out and play!"
Bragging 'Rites'

SONGPODS™ are used by Massage Therapists and Reiki practitioners at the beginning and end of sessions. They are wonderful on the soles of the feet, the spine and hands too.

SONGPODS are being used in an Intensive Care Unit for Infants. The Hospital Pastor says, "It's amazing to watch a normally withdrawn baby open his eyes and look around. The SongPod is reaching baby at a profound level".

SONGPODS are being used at a Chicago Hospital for Kids with Cancer. "The SongPods give me entry to working with these kids," says a Music Therapist after working with some withdrawn children.

SONGPODS are being used by Holotropic Breath Workers in Canada who say "they take people right back to the birth canal during rebirth".

SONGPODS are being used by Autistic Children, Alzheimer Patients, Psychiatric Patients. Even comatose patients have been known to respond to them according to an Ann Arbor Music Therapist!

Since they can’t break, they can fall to the floor during a therapy session with no "re-percussion".

SONGPODS are used in Blessing Circles. A pair was in use at one of Mother Theresa’s Clinics.

SONGPODS are used by Helen Bonney's students in their GIM work, and Vickie Dodd’s workshops on Healing with Sound.

SongPod™ Stories

“I give them to my patients to hold and relax when they are in my dental chair…”

- A Michigan Dentist

"I stand behind the client,have them sit upright, take in a deep breath, then shake the SongPods behind them. I get purrs, smiles, and ‘O I feel it all the way through my body!’ I get huge smiles.It makes them wonderfully relaxed and peaceful."

- A Michigan Psychotherapist

"You should get a camera and take pictures of the smiles you get the first time people hear SongPods….pure joy and glee…"

- A Toronto Canada Storyteller

"I gave them to one very little girl who had cancer and just wouldn’t talk to me. After a few sessions, she began holding out her hands for the SongPods, and then began giggling. It was an inroad to working with her."

- A Chicago area Music Therapist

"They’re the best things in the world! I give them as wedding gifts. I give one to the man and one to the woman. Each has it’s own song but when you bring the two together they have a third resonance just like a marriage!"

- A Detroit Art Professor

"I use SongPods with abused children. They’re wonderful!"

- A New Jersey Therapist

"Even the dolphins love them!"

- An Animal Communicator in Hawaii
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This Mayan girl makes a bee-line across the Peruvian Plaza to pick up the SongPods she spies. Instinctively, she plays them for the first time! SongPods had never before been to Peru! SongPods speak a Universal Language – "Love."

"Here’s to Peace-in-a-Pod!"

Photograph by Bo